Krista Poolsaar - 2019 EFC Scholarship Recipient

Krista Poolsaar is one of 7 exceptional Canadian-Estonian youth to be granted a 2019 EFC Scholarship. Krista Poolsaar is currently in the 3rd year of a Mechanical Engineering degree at Ryerson University in Toronto. Growing up in the Toronto Estonian community, Krista attended Estonian school and girl guides. She also volunteered as a guide leader and was a camp co-director at Kotkajärve this past summer.

On being Estonian:

“Being Estonian means having a community of people with a similar background to connect with. It is almost like an extremely extended family. Eesti is a small player in a large world, but I see the contribution Estonians make beyond their small size …[also] demonstrating our collective pride in our culture. Staying strong and confident in our traditions and accomplishments makes us relevant and provides a sense of identity and pride for me personally and contributes to a better world in general.”

On the role of EFC:

“EFC is important to the community because it helps provide the necessary resources to maintain our community. Without the means to organize cultural events and otherwise foster important connections, we would be less connected to our heritage and people. By raising the funds and coordinating expertise, especially for Eesti kool, Jõekääru, and Seedrioru, [as well as] koorid and Kungla, the Foundation…helps carry on traditions [and] makes sure that we will have a strong future here in Canada.”

Thanks to the generosity of our donors, Estonian Foundation of Canada has granted over 130 scholarships to Canadian-Estonian youth since 2003. See for details on eligibility and application dates or to make a donation to help support youth in our community.



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